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On this page we wanted to do only one thing and that is thank the makers, the creators, the authors, the artists and all those who go unnamed but took part in the creation of everything Star Wars.

Pleasing the fans is not easy, no matter how one looks at it. Some of us like one part of Star Wars, but think some other part should never have seen the light of day. Others like that bit, but dislike something else.

It is a lesson all humans are forced to learn over and over throughout their lives. It is simply impossible to please everyone all the time.

That said, those of us who are part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe movement recognize that whether we like what you created or not, you added to a Universe we have come to love.

And for that we would like to thank all of you.

So we send a huge thank you to all who have worked for Lucasfilm, LucasArts, Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic and Lucasbooks.

We would like to thank their partners at Del Rey, Bantam, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics.

We want to thank the employees at BioWare, Obsidian, Totally Games, Petroglyph, Raven Software and all the rest of the video game developers who contributed.

We want to thank the many talented authors who have penned numerous fantastic works from mere sentences to entire novel series.

We want to thank the artists and composers who gave us the covers, images, music, panels, sounds and renderings, which are among our favorite windows into the Expanded Universe.

And most of all we wish to convey our deepest gratitude to the man who created this universe and then allowed others to play within its borders, George Lucas.

Without you, George, we would have been truly lost among the stars.

Thank you all.

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