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I am Brian Borg and I am the Campaign Administrator for the Star Wars Expanded Universe Billboard Project! I have been a lifelong Star Wars enthusiast who has been content spending my free time (and sometimes my not so free time...) drifting among the stars within the Star Wars Universe. For me I cannot think of Star Wars without acknowledging how it is truly responsible for much of what makes me who I am today. It helped me strengthen my bonds to family and friends. It provided me with the drive to learn new skills such as upgrading and eventually piecing together a computer. It caused me to explore an artistic side whether with a paint brush or a camera, much to the chagrin of my Jr. High art teacher. ("Mr. Borg" is sorry for forcing you to grade the endless Star Wars projects, Mr. Gonzales!)

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Finally, my love for Star Wars encouraged me to build a love for reading and writing to the point where it is a dream of mine to have a novel of my own published someday.

It is because Star Wars, and in particular the Expanded Universe, formed much of who I am today that I found myself in the position of driving this project from idea to reality.

Though not the founder, I am one of the earliest members of the largely social media based movement. This movement was formed immediately following the announcement on April 25th 2014 by Disney and Lucasfilm that they were all but dissolving the future of the Expanded Universe. There was a lot of fan outrage in the days immediately following. Initially the Alliance proved to be a place for lifelong fans to vent their anger and frustration over the direction the franchise was now headed. It was a few months later when the first of our "social media raids" were conducted in an effort to convince Lucasfilm and Disney that there was still a demand for Legends stories.

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Those early days saw plenty of anger and hostility among the fans who would make up parts of the Expanded Universe movement as well as hostility aimed at us by fans who were never keen on the Expanded Universe. There was clearly a divide forming within what once felt much like a brotherhood of Star Wars Fandom. That divide was filled by nasty comments, actions and eventually threats against some people's lives on both sides. A terrible situation that was allowed to fester without official comment.

People often say that it takes dark to find light.

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In the case of the Expanded Universe movement, that may have been very true. Through the hostility and the divide, a glimmer of an idea came. Once our frustrations had largely been vented, goals began to form and the rallying cry went out.

Throughout this website we have provided countless examples of the kinds of people who make up our movement. It should be clear that while every fan has come into their love for the Star Wars Expanded Universe differently, we are passionate human beings, each with their own life story, who have united to obtain a goal we have all settled on.

The goal is to encourage and someday see an official continuation of Star Wars Legends brought to the world with new stories that picked off right where time stopped on April 25th, 2014.

It is our collective opinion the story is not finished. Characters still require exploring. Settings still need discovering. Events still have to be lived. Time has merely come to a standstill and we are determined to make the clock start again.

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The question for us fans became "how?" How do we convince those of you at Lucasfilm and Disney to hear our words and act on behalf of the fans who have been left behind?

Our social media campaign continued, though with a severely needed attitude adjustment. We added into the mix our letter writing campaign and encouraged everyone to buy new Legends books to support the demand for the stories we love and a franchise we never wish to see dead.

There were also murmurings among some of the more prominent members in the Expanded Universe community of another idea. That idea being to send a message to Lucasfilm via billboard advertisement.

While much of the credit for this project becoming a reality has been hoisted on me, I must emphasize that I was merely a driving force. As people would say, I was in the right place at the right time. This project would never have gotten off the ground without the assistance of each of my team members. Whether it was Matt's initial idea and videos advertising the project, John's aid at gathering allies, Bill's excellent writing contributions, Paul's amazing ability to take our ideas and turn them into the billboard image, or Gordon's willingness to build a website while we all pestered him about adding spaces here and deleting something over there. While we started out as strangers, we have become good friends over the past several months.

But even the team was not sufficient to make this project happen. Each of our contributors, whether they wished to be acknowledged officially on this website or not, is every bit as responsible for making our collective voices heard. I also must clarify what I mean by "contributors." While we had many people contributing financially to the project to meet our goal, we had many, many more helping us spread the word on social media and bringing awareness to our campaign.

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It is through the efforts of literally hundreds and thousands, not just one, that we find ourselves here today, fans of a story that remains incomplete, asking with a collective voice for the continuation of the Star Wars Legends Universe.

It is up to you at Lucasfilm and Disney to either embrace us as fellow fans, or deny us a future for a story that lasted nearly four decades.

I would encourage all of you at Lucasfilm and Disney to consider carefully the future of the Legends timeline and what continuing it might mean. Financially of course, as just about every Legends fan I have talked to would stand in line outside their local bookstore for days to buy a new Legends story. But perhaps more importantly understand what continuing the Legends timeline would mean to fans like me, who's very being is what it is because of the spectacular efforts of thousands of creators such as yourselves that contributed to that immersive story in a galaxy far far away.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read some of our thoughts. We greatly anticipate hearing your reply in the future!

~Eternally a Star Wars fan.

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