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The Expanded Universe fan movement started small, as most movements do. As time has gone on, fans from all over the world have been able to find others who are looking to talk about the Star Wars that they have long known and try and see it continued.

The conversation is growing. The momentum is building.

The fans ask you, "Will you join us?"

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Twin Suns Foundation Facebook Page
Twin Suns Foundation Twitter
The Social Media face of the Twin Suns Foundation

#GiveUsLegends Billboard and Website Facebook Page
#GiveUsLegends Billboard and Website Twitter
The public face of the Billboard and Website project.

Facebook Groups

The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded universe
A private group for the major participants in the #GiveUsLegends movement. A location that allows for a safe haven to speak about your pain over the discontinuation of the Expanded Universe, and a venue to discuss how the fans can influence its returning.

Star Wars Reviewers
A place for fans to review all things Star Wars.
Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker Shippers Group
A group dedicated to adoration of Luke and Mara's relationship.


The RebeLibrarian
The home of an award winning Star Wars blog. Now dedicated to the #TrEU.

Star Fans Guatamala
A place for Star Wars fans from Guatemala.

SW Force 4 Continuity
A site dedicated to the return of the original Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Facebook Pages

Star Wars Legends Memes
Facebook page for all your EU meme needs.

The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe "The Page"
The Public face of The Alliance to Preserve The Expanded Universe.

Ben Skywalker
A fan page for the son of Luke Skywalker, Ben Skywalker.

Skywalker Family Fanpage
A fanpage dedicated to the Skywalker Family.

Continue the Star Wars Expanded Universe Photo Campaign
A fan page dedicated to a continuation of the original Star Wars Expanded Universe timeline using volunteer fan photos to ask for more Legends.

Continue The Star Wars Legends Universe
Fanpage interested in getting the Legends universe continued.

The Sith Philosopher
A ten year student of Sith teachings, a philosophy in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, now as a Sith Master he imparts wisdom to all.

Darth Revan
A fanpage dedicated to the one and only Darth Revan.

Events Page For The Alliance To Preserve The Expanded Universe
This page is dedicated to coordinating efforts on social media

Disney/Lucasfilm Letter Writing Campaign
The page that sends letters to Lucasfilm, Disney and Del Rey every month

Long Live The Mos Eisley Cantina
This is a page dedicated to the scum and villainy of the Expanded Universe.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
A fanpage dedicated to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The RebeLibrarian
The Facebook home of an award winning Star Wars blog. Now dedicated to the #TrEU.

Star Wars Realcanon
A fanpage dedicated to celebrating the Original Expanded Universe.

Star Wars EU Fans for Life
Fanpage dedicated to the Expanded Universe.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe Rebellion
A page dedicated to convincing Disney and Lucasfilm to continued publishing the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Long Live The Star Wars Starships
A page dedicated to a wide range of Star Wars Starships.

Thrawn For the Arts
A blog inspired by Grand Admiral Thrawn, dedicated to continuing the amazing piece of art that is the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Free The Sword of the Jedi and Star Wars Legends
A Facebook page dedicated to Jaina Solo and Star Wars Legends.

The Expanded Universe Alliance Guild
The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe's Facebook page for their SWTOR guilds on the Ebon Hawk server.

Star Wars Legends Radio - WEUS
A Facebook page dedicated to the enjoyment of all Star wars Legends music.

New Republic Historical Office
A Facebook page dedicated to opinion and insight into the effort to obtain new Legends stories.

Star Wars Force for the EU's Facebook page.


Rebel Jeā€™daii @SWForce4EU
Star Wars Force for the EU's Twitter page.

RebeLibrarian @rebelrealcanon
The Rebel Librarian's Twitter page.

The EU Rebellion @EU_Rebellion
A Twitter page dedicated to the Expanded Universe Movement.

CTSWLU @ctswlu
A Twitter page dedicated to the Expanded Universe Movement's goals.

Warlord Zsinj @Warlord_Zsinj
The Twitter page of a one time powerful Warlord in the Legends timeline used in support of the Expanded Universe Movement.


Artwork related to the Expanded Universe


Matt Wilkins
Star Wars Fanatic and Board Game Reviewer. The new keeper of the Expanded Universe Holocron.

The Masked Panther
A masked Star Wars book reviewer.

A well versed fan of the Expanded Universe, who specializes in Vs. series videos.

A channel that reviews Star Wars books.

Django Fett
Reviews for video games and other things as well!

Star Wars The Old Republic Guilds

The Expanded Universe Alliance (Republic - Ebon Hawk Server)

The Expanded Universe Legion (Empire - Ebon Hawk Server)

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