The Twin Suns team is a melting pot of individuals from around the globe, brought together by their dedication to see the Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline, now called Legends, continued.

Twin Suns Foundation Team

Brian Borg
Twin Suns President, Donation Event Leader
United States of America

Brian is currently serving as President of the Board of Directors and is one of the founders of Twin Suns Foundation. Previously he served the Expanded Universe Movement as Campaign Administrator for the Expanded Universe Movement Billboard Project in late 2015 and early 2016. Unsurprisingly, he is a long time avid fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, having found the Expanded Universe through the video game Dark Forces when he was ten he then found his way to the novels at a library shortly afterwards. He credits Star Wars with developing many of the skills he uses on a day to day basis including, interestingly, computer repair and diplomacy.

When not working towards an official continuation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe or lost in that galaxy far far away, Brian is a Commercial Property Manager in the state of Arizona with seven years of experience under his belt.

Dylan Kling
Twin Suns Vice President and Treasurer, Donation Event Leader 
United States of America

Dylan Kling is another board member for the Twin Suns Foundation. A Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember he didn't find out about the Expanded Universe until shortly after the release of Revenge of the Sith. He joined the Expanded Universe movement in the fall of 2014 and has helped in organizing many of the campaigns like the Letter Writing, Celebration Anaheim meet up, and served as the Social Media Coordinator for Give Us Legends Billboard project.

Offline, Dylan is a student.

Amelia Haynes
Twin Suns Board Member, Donation Event Leader
United States of America


Amelia Haynes has helped out with the Twin Suns Foundation team since the initial billboard project in 2015, and assisted as an editor and creative content advisor when the organisation was officially founded in 2016. She stepped up into the role of board member in 2017, and continues to support the team with creative ideas for ongoing and future projects.

In addition to her work with Twin Suns Foundation, Amelia works full-time as a childcare provider.

Gordon Sullivan
Twin Suns Website Developer
Commonwealth of Australia
Our Head Web developer.  Gordon prefers to keep to himself.  Rumor has it that if Star Wars Legends is officially continued, he may even post an image of himself!
Paul Adams
Twin Suns Graphics Designer
United Kingdom

Paul Adams has been a Star Wars enthusiast since his parents took him to queue around the block to see Star Wars one dark, rainy night in what must have been early 1978. Since then he has been collecting everything he can get his hands on to with Star Wars in print and now almost 40 years later needs an entire room to hold it all.

Having invested a great number of those years in the Expanded Universe fully believing it was what happened before, during and after the movies Paul would dearly love it to be continued in a proper fashion alongside the new canon.

He was involved with designing and producing the billboard that went up near Lucasfilm among other things and will be there to help get the Expanded Universe going again through his skills as a graphic designer.

He runs the Facebook page The Star Wars Expanded Universe Rebellion.


Ignacio del Horno
Social Media Manager
Kingdom of Spain


Also known as IDH, Ignacio is a fan of Star Wars since the premier of A New Hope, though he does not remember being there, as he was 2 or 3 years old. What he does remember is having seen all the next episodes, some of them several times. During all his childhood in the 80's, he used to ask for Star Wars Kenner toys and action figures almost every year. These toys are still preserved between his parents and his own home. Along other 80's memorabilia, he preserves Ep IV and VI stickers collections, as well as several comics. Trained since very young to destroy Death Stars with the 1st Star Wars Arcade, he got into the EU with the X-Wing games saga. Since then, he has missed very few of the Star Wars games released by LucasArts.

With the EU books, he is mainly a fan of the post Ep VI era, and lately of the Old Republic Times. He is a historic player and is in the Spanish guild with which he played SW Galaxies, and now SWTOR.

When not Star Wars-ing, he writes short stories and serious fanfictions (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Galactica). He likes to illustrate his own books and to draw portraits. He is also a twice officially decorated reenactor and earns his salary working as one the business quality managers of a well known company.


Dennis Mowers
Composer and Social Media Manager
United States of America

Dennis Mowers has been in love with Star Wars since the 2003 Clone Wars series premiered on Cartoon Network. He started his love of Star Wars with the Expanded Universe, and that love has not faded.

A follower of all things Star Wars, including the new canon, Dennis hopes to see the EU make its triumphant return one day alongside the new canon, and that the Legends banner can have an even more powerful meaning than it already does. He believes that this day will mark a time when all Star Wars and all Star Wars fans can once again coexist peacefully.

When he is not being a fanboy about Star Wars, he is writing music heavily inspired by the franchise to further his aspirations to one day be a film composer.

He admins the Facebook pages Long Live the Mos Eisley Cantina, and Star Wars Legends Radio - WEUS, Star Wars: Two Canons, One Universe, as well as its component group, and is a moderator for Twin Suns Foundation and Give Us Legends.

Facundo Pundenti Pasini
Social Media Manager
Argentine Republic


Facundo Pudenti Pasini met Star Wars for the first time in 2003 with the Star Wars Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network, and later returned to his love with the theater release of Revenge of the Sith. His love for video games combined with his affection for Star Wars introduced him even more to the constantly expanding Star Wars universe with amazing stories such as KOTOR, Republic Commando, and other titles.

When not learning more about Star Wars, he is either gaming, or in college, where he studies veterinary science in the hopes of using his huge interest in the animal kingdom for good causes.


Travis Rushforth
Public Relations Associate, Donation Event Leader

United States of America


Travis works for the Twin Suns Foundation as a Public Relations Associate, team moderator, and writes and edits articles for the TSF website. Travis became interested in the Star Wars universe practically from birth, growing up on the Original Trilogy. When the Star Wars prequels were released he was introduced to the Expanded universe by reading Scholastic’s Jedi Apprentice young reader novels. He was not truly invested in the culture of the Expanded Universe until after completing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in 2003, and since then has thrived with the wider Star Wars EU community.

Travis was part of the initial formation of the Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe since April of 2014. He has helped organize events, and make a sizeable social media presence with the Facebook page he administrates, Darth Revan.

When not working toward the goal of more Expanded Universe stories, Travis can be found playing video games of varying genres. He is an avid writer, and is currently working toward a degree in English, while writing his first fantasy novel.



Bill Adkins
Twin Suns Co-Founder
Board Member 2015-2017, Donation Event Leader

Upon joining the Expanded Movement, Bill quickly became a driving force, creating the Facebook page Thrawn for the Arts, and contributing to several groups and pages. Bill was a natural choice for Chief Editor of the original EU Billboard Team, having written the iconic message to Lucasfilm. Bill and the original Billboard Team immediately saw how a nonprofit would not only aid any further projects, but also give a legitimate voice to the grassroots movement and help founded the Twin Suns Foundation. During his time with Twin Suns, Bill has represented Twin Suns at Star Wars Celebrations Orlando and Chicago, and at two of the Twin Suns book donations. 


Terri Paxton
Web Developer
United States of America

A Star Wars fan from the beginning, Terri vaguely recalls seeing 'A New Hope' in theaters around age 4 and getting hooked on action figures. Upon seeing Anakin’s redemption in Return of the Jedi, Terri founder herself ‘addicted for life’ to the franchise. Terri's first look at the Expanded Universe was Han Solo’s Revenge and Splinter of the Mind’s Eye.

Since then she has spent most non working hours buried in the Star Wars universe, roaming through books and comics from the ancient times of Dawn of the Jedi all the way to the Legacy comics era. Terri also enjoys exploring the galaxy as Jedi, Sith, Rebels, Imperials, Fringe smugglers and everything else available in video games, discovering all the connections between the eras, history and media.

When not exploring Star wars, Terri works in web design and has her own Star Wars hobby site, FB page and twitter dedicated to the Expanded Universe.

Nicholas Agranoff
Social Media Manager
United States of America

From as young as he can remember, Nicholas has loved Star Wars. Initially, it was through the movies, then the video games, and eventually the literature. The Expanded Universe, particularly the Old Republic era, was his key period of interest, and he is gradually branching out into the vast content of the other eras. His passion for writing narrative fiction began with Star Wars, penning tales about his favorite characters. Because of Star Wars' rich engaging universe, he is now an avid writer and hopes to publish his own stories soon.

For a number of years, he followed the charity fundraisers of Twin Suns Foundation and eventually joined to aid their cause. 

Ryan Moberley 

Social Media Manager, Donation Event Leader United States of America

Ryan got into the Expanded Universe shortly after watching Revenge of the Sith and has been a fan of it ever since. He helped assist Twin Suns Foundation at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 and promotes all their fundraisers on social media. Ryan is an admin for Continue the Star Wars Legends Universe on Facebook, @CTSWLU on Twitter and Son of Luke on Youtube.


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