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     Twin Suns Foundation is headed to Star Wars Celebration Chicago in April 2019 and we need your help to make sure we create the largest possible positive impact on the event that we possibly can!  As with our previous Celebration appearance, Twin Suns Foundation has been granted a fan table by Lucasfilm. We will be sending four Twin Suns Foundation volunteers to Chicago to help spread the word about everything that the Foundation does and the goals we work towards.  We will also be collecting Star Wars book donations while on the convention floor and donating them to a location within Chicago after the conclusion of the convention!  This worked extremely well in 2017 when we donated several dozen Star Wars books to a children's hospital in Orlando!











Any funds raised during this fundraiser up to our goal of $1,200.00 will be going towards the purchase of internet access within the convention hall at the table which we will use to provide a live stream from the convention floor. These funds will also go towards materials that will be handed out to convention goers such as lanyards, buttons, patches, etc.










None of the funds raised here will be going towards travel expenses, lodging, food, etc. as our volunteers are dedicated to making every one of your dollars donated work towards reaching our goals!

Any and all funds raised beyond $1,200.00 will be going towards the purchase of new Star Wars books which will be sent to one of our Ryn Network volunteers for distribution to locations in their area that are in need!  This is your chance to help Twin Suns Foundation reach 1,000 books donated since the Star Wars Billboard effort in December 2015!














Remember, any and all donations made to Twin Suns Foundation by US residents are tax deductible as Twin Suns Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!

Thank you!














CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Deadline extended!

As announced on January 28th via social media, because this fundraiser met its goal prior to the end of January, we will now be putting 50% of all funds donated beyond $1,200.00 through February 28th towards a new billboard project, the remaining 50% will go towards foundation operating costs.  The billboard funds collected will be added to a billboard fund the Twin Suns Foundation team started in 2018, which already has a couple hundred dollars! Not a bad head start! This new billboard project itself will be similar to 2016's Expanded Universe Billboard which politely asked Lucasflim to continue the Original Star Wars Expanded Universe. 











The same team behind that project is going to be the team behind the new project!  Please understand that, while we are collecting funds for a new billboard, it will be a while before we can put a new one up. The earliest the Twin Suns Team anticipates a new billboard going up is sometime in 2020.  By that point the message could either be one similar to the prior message or it could end up being a thank you message! Furthermore, if you cannot donate at this time, no worries!  We plan on this being one of at least a handful of opportunities in the coming months in which fans will be given the chance to help us fund a new billboard message!

Regardless of if you can help us through donating now or not, we are thrilled that Star Wars fans wanted to support this effort once more and we look forward to hearing what you all have to say about this idea, what you may want the message to say and more in the coming months!

Thank you all for helping to fund the Twin Suns Foundation Fan Table for Celebration Chicago!  We hope to see you there in April!


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