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Welcome to the next Twin Suns Foundation fundraiser, The Holiday Reads Drive 2018!















The Holiday Reads Drive 2018 is going to be a little different from our past fundraisers in that our goal will be funding enough books to bring to two different hospitals in two different states on two different dates! This time around we are aiming to raise $1,700.00. This money will go towards purchasing new Star Wars books that will be given to the kids at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC in Pennsylvania and the Tenderloin Recreation Center in San Francisco California.

Our donation in Pennsylvania is currently scheduled to occur towards the end of October and will be celebrating Star Wars Reads month. For this donation we are pleased to announce we will be joined by the 501st Legion's Starkiller Garrison. The troops will be on hand to help enhance the experience for the kids!

Our second donation in San Francisco is currently scheduled for the end of December. There we will be joined by the Golden Gate Garrison of the 501st Legion.

For our donors, we wanted to bring back the following two perks:

$50.00 - Wild Knights Voice Chat - With a donation of $50.00 or more, you will get access to the Twin Suns Foundation Wild Knights discord voice chat. This discord voice chat will grant those who have earned this perk, we like to call them Wild Knights, access to Twin Suns Foundation team members who will be available at least once a week to talk! Are you looking to talk some Expanded Universe or have an idea for a potential fundraiser in the future or perhaps just want to hang out? This is your chance to become a Twin Suns Foundation Wild Knight!

$100.00 - Princes of the Universe guest host with Matt Wilkins! - Matt Wilkins is back again with his now staple Twin Suns Foundation perk! Anyone donating $100.00 or more to this fundraiser is eligible to join Matt as a guest host on his Princes of the Universe podcast! Matt is a good friend of the Twin Suns Team and he loves chatting with our donors on his show! It can be the Expanded Universe, board games, pop culture or just about anything else that you want to discuss! We highly recommend this perk as it is always a blast getting to chat with Matt on the Princes of the Universe podcast!






Additionally for all United States based donors, we would like to remind everyone that Twin Suns Foundation is a non-profit tax exempt entity! Donations made during our fundraisers are tax deductible in the United States! Be sure to take advantage of this as you help us to reach our goals!

We are aiming to bring a minimum of 80 books to both hospitals or 160 books in total with the funds raised through your contributions.

Remember, for every $10.00 we raise, we are able to add one more book to the growing pile of books you have all helped us donate thus far! Please help us to add a few more smiles to the galaxy, Star Wars fans! Please help us to #GiveThemLegends

Thank you and may The Force be with you all!






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