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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our first fundraiser for the 2022 calendar year and our first full fundraiser since the middle of 2020! Talk about a long hiatus, but we are ready and more than a little anxious to get some more books out there into the hands of hungry minds! We hope you are all ready to help us make it happen too!

For our first donation this year, we are aiming to bring roughly forty books to Galloway Township Middle School in New Jersey! (

This will be the first time our organization has donated to a location within the state of New Jersey and we are quite excited to continue to expand our donation scope thanks to our excellent volunteers! Our aim is to bring these books to the school by the end of April.

Our targeted goal for this fundraiser will be $550.00.  As always, funds raised from this fundraiser will almost entirely go to the direct purchase of new Star Wars books. These books will be donated to our targeted location and made available for the use of students there! We expect to be able to put $500.00 of that $550.00 towards book purchases with the remaining $50.00 to cover operating costs for this website. Any funds we raise beyond our goal of $550.00 will be used to purchase additional books for this location. If we happen to raise an additional $500.00 above our initial goal, a second donation location will be possible and will be selected at a later date!

As always, Twin Suns Foundation is a 501 C(3) tax exempt entity! This means donations made by residents within the United States of America are tax deductible! Be sure to take advantage of this when you file taxes and are a U.S. resident!

As a thank you to donors, we will offer the following perk:

$15.00 or more - Wild Knight Discord Access! - Join your fellow book donors and Twin Suns Foundation volunteers on Discord! The Star Wars Legends server run by Twin Suns Foundation has an exclusive voice chat and text chat channel dedicated to Wild Knights, donors who have helped bring Star Wars stories to children in many different locations over the past six years! Twin Suns Foundation's volunteers typically use this voice channel to discuss which books to bring to the hospital locations for donation and shop live, taking input from interested Wild Knights as they go! Do you want to know a bit more of how Twin Suns Foundation makes use of the funds we raise with your help? This is the perk for you!

Our goal at Twin Suns Foundation is to encourage minds to read, improving literacy through the engaging story telling found within Star Wars novels. With your donations, we can make that happen! If you are unable to assist financially at this time, please know that you can also help us out by spreading the word about this fundraiser, our organization and our efforts!  Also know that we have additional fundraisers planned this year, so this will not be your only opportunity to help us spread our message in the future!

Thank you and may The Force be with us all!

~Twin Suns Foundation Team

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