Q: What is the Twin Suns Foundation?
A: We are a nonprofit dedicated to using Star Wars to help spread literacy throughout the world.

Q: Why Star Wars?
A: For many on the team, the Star Wars novels kicked off our love of reading, in fact many of us out right hated reading before we were introduced to them. So we thought that if it worked for us why couldn’t it work for others.

Q: Do you guys take donations of books?
A: Yes we do! We have a network of volunteers that accept new and gently used Star Wars Legends books and, will ensure that they will find good homes. For more information you can check out our Ryn Network page

Q: Why Legends Books?
A: Legends books are what our team members are more familiar with. The large selection of books not only makes it easier to ensure we can give people the right book for them, but also makes it easier to acquire them in the large quantities we often need. Additionally, they are cheaper than their canon counterparts, allowing us to get more of them, and smaller in size making it easier to transport them in large quantities.

Q: Where do you donate books to?
A: Anywhere that we can be confident that the books will get to those in need, we also ensure that whoever is receiving the books will not just sell them off. Usually we donate them to hospitals, schools, community centers, and sometimes libraries (though it is rare that we can find a library that won’t sell off the books we give them).

Q: Aren’t you guys the ones that did the Expanded Universe billboard?
A: Yes, we are.

Q: Why haven’t you done another one?
A: We haven’t had a good opportunity to do one, or had a situation where we had a good location, target, and message. Though even if we did we still couldn’t do another one since, as a charity, at least half of the funds we raise need to go towards charitable acts. So the funds raised in our book drive Fundraisers would need to equal how much we would need to raise for a billboard in the same calendar year for us to do one. As we are a relatively new charity we have not gotten to that point yet. 

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