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These pages and locations are run by Twin Suns Foundation

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The following are all social media accounts, and groups that are run by friends of Twin Suns

Facebook Groups

The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe

A private group for the major participants in the #GiveUsLegends movement. A location that allows for a safe haven to speak about your pain over the discontinuation of the Expanded Universe, and a venue to discuss how the fans can influence its returning.



The RebeLibrarian

The home of an award winning Star Wars blog.

Star Fans Guatamala

A place for Star Wars fans from Guatemala.

SW Force 4 Continuity

A site dedicated to the return of the original Star Wars Expanded Universe.

The Expanded Universe Website

A site that talks everything Star Wars Expanded Universe

Facebook Pages

Give Us Legends  

The official Facebook page for the original 2015 Billboard Project

The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe "The Page"

The Public face of The Alliance to Preserve The Expanded Universe.

Star Wars Legends Memes

Facebook page for all your EU meme needs.

Skywalker Family Fanpage

A fanpage dedicated to the Skywalker Family.

Continue The Star Wars Legends Universe

Fanpage interested in getting the Legends universe continued.

Darth Revan

A fanpage dedicated to the one and only Darth Revan.

Thrawn For the Arts

A blog inspired by Grand Admiral Thrawn, dedicated to continuing the amazing piece of art that is the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Free The Sword of the Jedi and Star Wars Legends

A Facebook page dedicated to Jaina Solo and Star Wars Legends.

Star Wars Legends Radio - WEUS

A Facebook page dedicated to the enjoyment of all Star wars Legends music.

New Republic Historical Office

A Facebook page dedicated to opinion and insight into the effort to obtain new Legends stories.


Star Wars Force for the EU's Facebook page.


Rebel Je’daii

Star Wars Force for the EU's Twitter page.


The Rebel Librarian's Twitter page.

The EU Rebellion 

A Twitter page dedicated to the Expanded Universe Movement.


A Twitter page dedicated to the Expanded Universe Movement's goals.

Warlord Zsinj

The Twitter page of a one time powerful Warlord in the Legends timeline used in support of the Expanded Universe Movement.


Matt Wilkins

Star Wars Fanatic & Board game reviewer.

Christopher Nelson

A reviewer and defender of the Star Wars Expanded Universe

The Masked Panther

A masked Star Wars book reviewer.


A well versed fan of the Expanded Universe, who specializes in Vs. series videos.



Lore videos and ship battles, this channel covers both canon and Legends.

Stupid Chainsaw Productions

Book reviews, Legends & Canon

The Geek's Attic

Book reviews, Legends & Canon

Son of Luke

Star Wars content including clarifying and rebutting Legends criticisms.

Callum Johns

Star Wars Legends gaming, reviews and discussions 

Star Wars The Old Republic Guilds

The Expanded Universe Alliance (Republic - Star Forge Server)

The Expanded Universe Legion (Empire - Star Forge Server)

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