Press Release:

In response to accusations that Give Us Legends, the very entity that became Twin Suns Foundation, was behind an effort to bully and harass a Star Wars actress to the point where she left social media, we wish to make the situation crystal clear.

The accusations came about because a certain troll page, which we will not name as we do not wish to give them more attention than they already have received, claimed to be aligned with us and others within the Expanded Universe Movement. Despite a complete lack of proof, certain media entities have picked this story up and have not bothered to fact check a word, thus allowing our reputation to be increasingly damaged as these lies filter through various fan groups across the internet.

The Twin Suns Foundation Board of Directors and team members have decided that we need to make it 100% clear where Give Us Legends/Twin Suns Foundation stands on this issue and to protect our hard earned reputation.

Bullying and harassment have no place in the Star Wars community from any party, be if fan, media or otherwise. We have never and will never condone such actions as we have often been a victim of those actions ourselves in the past.

Our focus has been on getting Star Wars books into children's hospitals, libraries, Little Free Libraries and other similar such places where they are needed as often as possible.

We also assist the Expanded Universe Movement in its effort to reach the goal of obtaining a continuation of the Star Wars Legends timeline while also ensuring the continuation of Disney's new Star Wars timeline.

Simply stated, the actions we are wrongfully accused of run directly counter to our stated goals and our past actions.

We have always been and will continue to always be a positive force in the Star Wars fandom. We will not allow our name to be slandered with false accusations and libel.

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