In the past when we here at Twin Suns does a fundraiser our friend Matt Wilkins has added his own perk offering a guest host spot on his podcast Princes of the Universe. Below are the podcasts featuring those donors.

Episode 35: Billboard Project Donors Bill and Dylan

Episode 36: Billboard Project Donors Nathaniel and Brian

Episode 37: Billboard Project Donor Tim

Episode 40: Billboard Project Donor Chris

Episode 71: Celebration Donor Joel

Episode 72: Celebration Donor Matthew

Episode 73: Celebration Donor Spencer

Episode 74: Celebration Donor Jeremy

Episode 75: Celebration Donor Sean

Episode 76: Celebration Donor Debbie

Episode 77: Celebration Donor Duane

Episode 78: Celebration Donor Emmitt

Episode 79: Celebration Donor Gordon

Episode 80: Celebration Donor Chris

Episode 81: Twin Suns Brian and Dylan (Part 1)

Episode 82: Twin Suns Brian and Dylan (Part 2)

Episode 102: Hyper Reads Day Donor Sean

Episode 103: Hyper Reads Day Donors Brian and Dylan


Donation Thermometer

General Fundraiser



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