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Hello and welcome to The Expanded Universe Movement's Official Star Wars Expanded Universe Billboard Campaign!


For those of you who have followed Twin Suns Foundation's efforts over the past few years, you will quickly notice this is a different campaign than what we typically do. Not to worry, Twin Suns Foundation will continue its efforts to bring Star Wars books to young readers across the world in the future. In fact, we are scheduled to donate nearly 150 more books the tail end of October and we look forward to several more donations happening in 2020! For this campaign, however, our focus is on our other stated goal of obtaining an official continuation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe/Legends timeline!

So what is this fundraiser all about then? In short, this fundraiser is very similar to a fundraiser some of the individuals behind Twin Suns Foundation ran prior to the organization's inception in 2016.  Back in 2015, fans of the Expanded Universe banded together to install a billboard message in San Francisco near Lucasfilm's Headquarters. This message politely requested the continuation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

After that billboard went up in April of 2016, we learned that many within Lucasfilm saw our message and that it got them talking.  We suspect it is the primary reason why Twin Suns Foundation was invited to attend Star Wars Celebration back in 2017 and again in 2019. We gladly accepted those invitations and used them to do several positive things, such as donate hundreds of books to Children's Hospitals in Orlando, Chicago and other areas as well!  Something else we did while we were there was ask visitors to our booth if they wanted to see the original Star Wars Expanded Universe continued.  These were possibly the most avid Star Wars fans on the planet, the group most likely to spend money on merchandise and follow anything the brand does! What was their answer?

Well it was clear. The vast majority of individuals filling out our surveys at both Celebration Orlando and Celebration Chicago were in support of a continuation of the Legends timeline.

We knew then that our path forward was as clear as their answer, another billboard had to happen!  But we had to improve on our original concept somehow. It is boring to simply repeat the what came before, right? Roughly two months ago, we had an idea on how to accomplish this.

Instead of installing one billboard message near Lucasfilm's Headquarters in San Francisco, why not aim to install two billboard messages even closer?

Today we are proud to present our two billboard concept images and messages!

These billboard messages are in the iconic Star Wars opening crawl style.  They were chosen to echo the billboard that went up back in 2016 as it is our way of saying the fans are still here, more than three years later. These messages are intended to be a polite request for the continuation of what Lucasfilm identifies as Star Wars Legends.

"Binary tales, eternally shining."

Before we go any further, we want to make it clear that Twin Suns Foundation is NOT advocating for the discontinuation of Lucasfilm/Disney's new canon timeline.  Among our team, our volunteers and our donors are many Star Wars fans who follow both timelines. We know many more fans out there are like them and we would never wish for the flow of new Star Wars content to be interrupted like the original Expanded Universe was back in 2014. 

In short, we at Twin Suns Foundation believe that more of both timelines, provided they remain separate, is what is best for ALL Star Wars fans!

With that out of the way, let's talk about the new locations.

Twin Suns Foundation is intending on installing both of these messages sometime in the first half of 2020 very near Lucasfilm Headquarters once again. Our team has identified two locations ideal for this purpose and will be signing a contract to lease out the advertising spaces for a period of four weeks as soon as this fundraiser makes its goal.  While we can not identify specifically where as we do not yet have the contract signed and cannot sign until we have the funds, we can tell you all that both locations we have in mind are even closer to Lucasfilm's Headquarters in the Presidio than the original 2016 billboard was. Perhaps most importantly, these locations are also along the main roads that most Lucasfilm employees will see each day for four weeks!  


So why do this now?

With the conclusion of Disney/Lucasfilm's Star Wars trilogy approaching in December 2019, there is an opportunity for fans of the Expanded Universe to again be heard. The conclusion of this trilogy of films represents a good chance for Lucasfilm to shift some attention back to the older story line.  By this point the new canon will have had over five years, five films, multiple television shows, novels, comics, games and more to establish itself as a legitimate storyline. Combined with the use of the Legends banner to prevent confusion, this presents the perfect opportunity for both timelines to produce new content.

Awesome, so what is in it for you?

On top of having a chance to join the collective voices of your fellow Star Wars Expanded Universe/Legends fans, we are once again offering perks to donors!
There are more tiers than we typically offer for our fundraisers as we felt this project deserved a little extra effort on our part! Anyone donating $10.00 or more is entitled to any preceding perk levels if they choose to take advantage of them.

Our perks for this fundraiser are as follows!

$All Donors! - Access to the Billboard Donor Badge Filter for social media profile pictures This will be a link to an image you can then overlay on top of a profile picture of your choice.  It uses colors found within both billboard messages and states "Continue the Expanded Universe" in a circle around your image! Just below your image will be a small indicator that you donated to the billboard effort!  The badge is also escorted by an array of starfighters, some native to the original Star Wars Expanded Universe! After all, we want to make sure that message gets to where its intended to!









$3.00 - BOOK AND COMIC RAFFLE ENTRY! (Conditional upon reaching 75% Funding by October 23rd)  - We are happy to announce a new raffle opportunity just added to our billboard fundraiser.  Thanks to the generous donations of a few individuals, we have pulled together seven lots of books and comics that will be raffled off at the conclusion of this fundraiser to four lucky donors! This perk will only activate if funding reaches $4,350.00 by October 23rd at 11:59 PM PST!  ALL donors donating $3.00 or more will be eligible for entry!










 $10.00 - Access to the Wild Knights Discord voice chat This is where members of Twin Suns Foundation and your fellow Wild Knights have an opportunity to discuss which books get donated at upcoming donation events! This Discord voice chat is on the Star Wars Legends server that is run by members of Twin Suns Foundation and is rapidly growing!  Check out our Find EU Fans page for a link to the server!













NEW PERK $15.00 - Entry into Twin Suns Foundation Raffle- Retroactive for all donors to this fundraiser, this perk gives anyone donating $15.00 or more entry in to a raffle Twin Suns Foundation will be holding after the fundraiser concludes.  Currently we have nine prizes up for grabs including Three Shannon McRandle prints, three 2016 3.5' Black Series Emperor's Royal Guards, one 2003 Clone Wars inspired Durge action figure, one Dark Forces Dark Trooper Phase III action figure, one Dark Forces Kyle Katarn.  All prizes will be shipped to winners after the conclusion of the raffle.  Please note that if shipping exceeds $15.00, shipping will not be covered!  









$25.00 - Access to unlisted Matt Wilkins videos   Matt Wilkins is offering to do let's plays of several board games including Star Wars The Queens Gambit, a game Matt has spoken about often but has never shown played! The final number of let's play videos and when they will be available is yet to be determined, but Matt is anxious to play these games so we imagine it will be quite soon!


NEW PERK $25.00 - Your message to Lucasfilm All donors who have donated $25.00 or more will be contacted after the conclusion of the fundraiser by Twin Suns Foundation and will be asked if they would like to write their own personalized message to Lucasfilm.  These messages will ultimately be put on another website linked to the Twin Suns Foundation.  Donors will be given a full page of space to do what they wish with including images if they choose.  (All messages and images will need to be approved by Twin Suns Foundation before they will be uploaded to the website.)  This new website will host your message and those of your fellow fans for Lucasfilm to see in time for the new billboards going up sometime in the first half of 2020!


$50.00 - A More Civilized Age - Matt Wilkins is offering anyone donating $50.00 or more the ability to come on to his live Q&A YouTube show for five minutes to ask questions of Matt and his guests live! This is your chance to have Matt answer your questions "as best he knows how."


$100.00 - A More Civilized Age Guest Star - Matt Wilkins is offering to bring anyone donating $100.00 or more on to his "A More Civilized Age" YouTube show to answer questions as best you know how along side other Expanded Universe fan personalities! This one is sure to be a ton of fun as Matt always ensures everyone has a great time when he is with them!


NEW PERK! - Twin Suns Foundation Watch Party! (Conditional upon reaching 100% Funding by October 31st) Twin Suns Foundation will be holding a watch party, likely sometime in November, on the Star Wars Legends Discord server.  This perk will be available for everyone, donors and supporters alike, to join in on!  Currently the Twin Suns Foundation team anticipates doing live commentary on the Star Wars Holiday Special, but other Star Wars media may be shown as well!  We will also be inviting some guests to potentially join in on the fun!  Will you help make this perk a reality? 

Twin Suns Foundation is Tax Exempt! As always, everyone in the United States that donates will be able to write off their donation on their taxes as Twin Suns Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non profit tax exempt entity! Be sure to take advantage of this when tax season rolls around!


 And now for the rest of the necessary information:

There is a chance, slim, but a chance, that Lucasfilm will announce an official continuation of the Star Wars Legends timeline sometime between this effort funding and the billboard messages being installed in the first half of 2020.  In that event, alternative messages will be installed conveying the thanks of gracious Star Wars Expanded Universe/Legends fans the world over.

Billboard one would simply state (in the opening crawl style):

"Thank you Lucasfilm

For continuing the Legends timeline!"

Billboard two would simply state (with the Twin Suns Foundation Planet Logo Image):

"Twin Suns Foundation

Promoting literacy with stories from a galaxy far, far away."

There is also a chance that this effort to fund the billboard will not succeed.  In that event, any and all funds raised will be put into an already existing fund for billboard messages that Twin Suns Foundation has had on the side for a little over a year now.  If this comes to pass, it is also likely that Twin Suns Foundation will launch a new billboard campaign in the future and use the collected funds to provide a major boost to the new campaign.

Finally, in the event that this fundraiser is TOO successful, i.e. we raise more than is needed, ALL additional funds raised over and above $5,800.00 will be going towards a future Twin Suns Foundation book donation event, likely to occur sometime in 2020.  We also have a couple stretch goal ideas to bring live if fans like yourself are so generous as to get us beyond $5,800.00 before November 31st! If we do hit our goal with sufficient time left, we will update this page to include those stretch goals! We will shut down this fundraiser immediately if we receive a total of $6,500.00 as we have some limits that must be observed to keep our tax exempt status intact!

And that should just about do it for the information on this fundraising effort.  If you have gotten this far, thank you for taking the time to read all of this information as there is a lot here!  Remember, it is your donation and the donation of fans like yourself that will make this idea a reality.  Help us take our message beyond the internet.  Help us convey your wishes to the employees at Lucasfilm. Together, we can make this effort a success just as we did in 2016.

May The Force be with us all!

~Expanded Universe Movement Billboard Team

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