Twin Suns Foundation collects information from you when you register with our site. 


This information includes:
username and password, with which we identify you on the site with.
Your email address that we might use to notify you of stuff going on with the Twin Suns Foundation, or your user account.
Your address, phone number and other sensitive personally identifying information. This information is used to deliver perks from our donation drives.

Twin Suns Foundation does NOT collect payment information. This is collected by Paypal. Please see their privacy policy for further information.

What does Twin Suns Foundation do with my information?
Twin Suns Foundation's website and related services store this information in a secure database. We take great pains to ensure the security of this database.

We DO NOT sell or give away your information, and we will ONLY use your information as outlined in this privacy policy.

What about if I don't voluntarily provide any information? What do you do with the automatic information?

Twin Suns foundation records the usual stuff in relation to your query, such as browser, operating system, screen size, and IP address. This information is stored in our logs and is not accessed except for the purposes of moderation or debugging the site.

We do store cookies on your computer, but these are only used to identify you to the site, and are never used to track you. Furthermore, you are free to opt out of the cookies at any time by clicking the button towards the bottom of the website.

What can I do if I have more questions concerning TSF's privacy policy?

You can contact us at any time via the Facebook page or twitter account. We will do what we can to answer your questions.

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