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Greetings everyone! Thank you for taking the time to visit our fundraiser page! Here at Twin Suns Foundation we believe that Star Wars novels are a great way for minds of all ages to get into the hobby of reading. We strive to share as many Star Wars books as we can with people all around the globe. To that end, Twin Suns Foundation was created in 2016 as a non-profit tax exempt entity focusing on improving literacy and education. To date, we have donated nearly 1,800 books across the United States of America and, more recently, Canada! Thank you to everyone who helped us get all these donations done!

Now we strive to surpass 2,000 books donated and we look to do so with your help!

It is no secret that the volunteers behind Twin Suns Foundation are fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, now branded as Star Wars Legends. In April of 2014, a decision was made by Disney/Lucasfilm to discontinue creation of new stories for the longstanding timeline, much to the disappointment of some of the franchise's most avid fans. Many efforts have been undertaken over the past ten years to have Disney/Lucasfilm reverse this decision. Among those early efforts was the "Give Us Legends" movement, of which many of Twin Suns Foundation's personnel were members. Twin Suns Foundation has a secondary function as supporting those goals of seeing both the new Star Wars timeline continued while also advocating for Legends to see new content as well.

Now, ten years have passed and we have decided that it is time we let Disney and Lucasfilm know that there remains a huge desire to see the Star Wars stories we know and love continued.

What better way to do that than to go all out with ten donation events across the entire year? So, in light of the roots of our foundation, and in light of the anniversary that is upon us, we present to you the Give Them Legends 2024 campaign!

Our goal this time around is one of the largest we have ever have. We aim to raise $5,000.00 to bring as many as 40 books to 10 different locations across the United States and Canada. These events are scheduled to begin as early as May, though it is possible we may go sooner! Every $500 dollars raised will allow us to bring 40 books to an additional donation event!

The locations we are currently planning for are:

Phoenix Children's Hospital in Phoenix Arizona

Children's Hospital of Orange County in Orange California

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood Florida

Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas Texas

Undetermined location in Toronto, Canada

Undetermined location in New York State

Undetermined location in Louisiana

Undetermined location in Northern California

We also have possible donation event options in Iowa, southern Arizona and in the Miami Florida area.

Several of these events are tentative pending the level of success we have with this fundraiser.

Note that we have potentially 12 or more events as options, so if we should raise above $5,000.00 we will expand the number of events we organize for every $500 raised beyond our initial goal!

As always, all donations made to Twin Suns Foundation are tax exempt as we are a 501 C(3) organization!


And there it is! Our plans to celebrate 10 years of Legends fans advocating for the continuation of Star Wars Legends and the original Give Us Legends efforts by giving them legends! This fundraiser will run through most of the year, however the sooner we start hitting $500.00 increments, the sooner we can start scheduling events and getting books to kids!

Let's make it happen, Expanded Universe fans!

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